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Aviation domain names (.aero) can be used very similar to the Global TLD (gTLD), Sponsored TLD (sTLD) or Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) name counterparts. There are no restrictions on the use of the .aero domain names once awarded to qualified aviation community participants, and they have been used successfully in the field of aviation and aerospace to brand products, ideas, design concepts and even airports.

As the largest aero registrar in the world, NamesBeyond understands the importance and the exclusivity of this Top Level Domain which caters specifically to the Aviation community. Not all registrants are eligible for aviation domain name. There is an application and verification process that registrants and members in the aviation community must go through in order to register their .aero domain name. This process ensures that the .AERO IDs are only issued to the members in the aviation community.

Some of our popular value added services that.aero registrants sign up for are as follows:

a. Domain forwarding: This is a free service offered by NamesBeyond where you can forward your .AERO domain name to any domain name or URL of your choice.

b. 301 re-direct: This is a more intense domain forwarding process that helps in indexing your .AERO as a mirror site for any of your other domain names that you can forward it to. It is stable, versatile and can be setup as low as $3.99/.AERO/Month. This service also includes 1 free .aero email address forwarding service. Google recommends 301 redirects as the preferred method for URL forwarding without harming your Search Engine ranking.

Discounted Pricing with the .AERO Century Option In addition to our already low pricing of $65/year for new Aero domain registration, NamesBeyond offers discounted bulk pricing to our .aero registrants as a part of our .aero outreach program. If you are thinking along the lines of long term .AERO domain branding and investment and multiple .AERO domain registration for your organization, we have the .AERO Century Option where if you register domain names for a 100 or more years, (it could be 10 names at 10 years each, 20 names at 5 years each, 50 names at 2 years each etc.) You pay an ALL TIME LOW PRICING of $55/year.

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